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Odour control and hygiene for hotels and guest houses

Hotel groups such as Millenium & Copthorne Hotels PLC and The Wellesley in Knightsbridge, London have one thing in common. They use Ozofresh ozone generators to eliminate unwanted odours with astounding results. 

Ozofresh products totally eradicate odours by breaking down the biological structure of the bacteria that causes them, leaving the air completely fresh.

We understand the housekeeping challenge that hotels battle with every day.  Whether rooms are occupied or not, they gather odours.With hygiene a top priority for guests, hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds are poured into maintaining a high standard of cleanliness throughout every single room in a never-ending cycle.

Our ozone generators provide hotels with a safe and effective cleaning method that saves time, money and resources. With a single room normally taking up to two hours to clean, flicking the switch on a generator is an easy and immediate time saver. The result is that staff are able to clean more rooms in the same amount of time. 

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Dealing with persistent odours is a challenge for every hotel.. Ozofresh offers simple and highly effective solutions to the problem. Harnessing the amazing properties of ozone, our products capture and destroy the particles that cause the odour. The result is an odour free room in a couple of hours.

Dealing swiftly with typical smells such as smoke, dogs, body odour or the stale smell from lack of use our light odour products can be safely used in occupied rooms.
When you’re dealing with odours that just won’t shift, you need a heavy duty solution. Used in unoccupied rooms in hotels, they harness the amazing properties of ozone to capture and destroy the particles causing the odour. Our products can also prevent bedbugs by inhibiting their eggs from developing. Bedbugs can be devastating to a hotel’s reputation, but with our products you can ensure that they remain one step ahead of the problem. Being portable, you can easily move our product to the source of the problem. Choose an option with a built in ozone destruct system, and the room is ready for occupation immediately after use.
Indoor air quality (IAQ) is high on every hotel manager's agenda. The Covid pandemic has only made it more pressing. UVGI technology offers a solution to killing airborne bacteria and viruses that can be retro fitted to your AC, ducted system or false ceiling.This range of infection control products ensures that the air your guests breath is free from viruses, including coronavirus, and bacteria.

They use innovative and energy efficient LED ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) bulbs that are fully tested by independent laboratories to kill 99.93% of common virus and bacteria microbes.

Our heavy duty ozone generators are also proven to clean the air of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus.
XtraProtect is the only product available on the market, that has been laboratory tested and certified to kill coronavirus on ALL surfaces, including fabrics. XtraProtect will clean, sanitise and provide ongoing protection against coronavirus. It can be used on all hard surfaces of a hotel room, but unlike any other product, it can also be used on upholstery, bed linen, curtains, soft furnishings and carpets. Full details of laboratory testing and certification, can be provided on request
The large scale cleaning needed in the hotel and guest house sector often relies on potentially irritating and expensive chemicals. The ProCleanz system takes regular tap water and by the addition of salt and electricity, transforms it into electrolysed water, a powerful natural surface cleaner. Delivering high sanitising properties, it is both EN1276 and EN14476 accredited and proven to kill the coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.
Different surfaces in your hotel or guest house need different cleaners. Our range of specific surface cleaners allows you to effectively deal with hard surfaces, fabrics, leather, greasy kitchen appliances, outside surfaces and more.

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