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Procleanz Surface Cleaner

There’s an EN1276 and EN14476 accredited cleaning system that is sustainable, natural and non chemical. One that will save you money. That will clean and sanitise, replacing aggressive chemicals. One that kills coronavirus yet leaves only water in its wake. And one with practically zero consumables.

That system is called ProCleanz and it produces electroysed water on deman. Despite it’s incredible cleaning power, creating electrolysed water is a simple process.

Electrolysed water has just three ingredients - water, salt and electricity. Standard tap water is mixed with salt to produce a saline solution which is drawn up through the system where an electrical current is passed through it.

This activates the oxygen in the water and in the now active state it becomes an incredibly powerful sanitising cleaner. It is not only highly effective, but extremely costs effect, producing litres of safe cleaning fluid 'on demand.' There are no COSHH issues over storing or handing and larger organisations can save literally £000s on their annual cleaning bill through switching from traditional cleaning solutions.

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