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High performance air purification and pathogen destruction

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Ozone Air Care Solutions

One of the main functions of our products is to eliminate odours at the source, rather than simply mask them.

Procleanz Surface Cleaner

Extremely costs effect,  producing litres of safe cleaning fluid on demand.

Specialist Cleaning

The wide spread use of alcohol based hand sanitisers can increase the risk of fires and poisoning.

UV Air Disinfection

Prevent airborne transmission of coronavirus  using your existing ventilation systems.


Managing Corona Virus through various measures, so that we can get on with our lives.


Leasing is a well-established, tax efficient method of financing equipment. 
Ozofresh has generated a 15% saving for this client using Ozone generators


Minimising exposure to both viral infection and harmful bacteria is our top priority


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Ozone kept the luxurious soft furnishings smelling fresh and clean


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