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Vida Healthcare, Harrogate

Exceptional protection for exceptional care homes

Vida Healthcare is a specialist dementia care provider based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Their two purpose-built care homes – Vida Hall in Starbeck and Vida Grange in Pannal - offer quality, person-centred care, state-of-the-art facilities and all the comforts of home.

Ozone for odour control

Vida has worked with Ozofresh since 2016, soon after their second home opened. At that time they invested in four Ozofresh Catalyst 10 ozone generators for odour control, to keep their brand new care home smelling brand new.

Since then, these units have been used to great effect almost daily, to sanitise and freshen bedrooms and lounges.

During 2018/19, Vida bought a number of Aura wall units, used for odour control in corridors, automatically dispensing ozone at programmable intervals. Additional ozone PlugIns were purchased as a quick and easy solution in bedrooms where residents can’t be moved. Both products can be safely used in occupied areas.

2020 and a bigger problem emerges

As the pandemic unfolded, Vida researched what measures they could take to support their existing hygiene protocols to minimise risk to their residents.

A spokesperson explains “we’d had great results using ozone to destroy odours in our homes. It seemed sensible then for ozone to play a key part of our ongoing infection control strategy, reassuring residents and staff alike that maintaining their safety and minimising their exposure to both viral infection and harmful bacteria is our top priority.”

Ozofresh comments:

They ordered five Ozofresh Eclipse Plus ozone generators. These heavy duty yet portable machines are proven to kill coronavirus in less than 60 minutes. Crucially they kill the virus on both hard and soft surfaces, as well as in the air, working on areas such as bedding, curtains and carpets that surface sanitisers alone cannot reach. There is a report from Nara University on the Ozofresh website on ozone inactivating corona virus.


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