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Darwin Escapes Holiday Resorts

Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

Darwin Escapes’ Bath Mill Lodge Retreat is a luxury holiday lodge resort located on the outskirts of the picturesque city of Bath, Somerset.

The hospitality team at Bath Mill had noted that odours in the lower ground washrooms within the main building were not being adequately suppressed by their current service agreement scented air fresheners alongside a small extraction fan.

Additionally the washrooms have little air flow and no access to outside air. Rather than remedy this situation, the deodoriser method of odour control exacerbated the issues.

The Solution

Darwin Escapes approached Ozofresh for help in establishing an effective, environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution for this problem.

After surveying the site, Ozofresh recommended a tailored plan, incorporating the installation of the Aura Air Purification unit. This particular Ozone generator is designed to eradicate stubborn smells and up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The wall-mounted units automatically clear the washrooms of almost all airborne pollutants and bacteria, maintaining a set level of ozone wherever it is installed.
These generators continuously remove the stale acrid odours that were being experienced in the washrooms at Bath Mill’s main building, leaving a fresh and clean air space.

As a result, Ozofresh has generated a 15% saving for this client using Ozone generators in comparison to their previous supplier of scented air fresheners. The solution has given the General Manager peace of mind that he has a solution that works and customer complaints have reduced.

The installation of the Aura Units at Bath Mill has dealt with the odours so successfully and alongside the generous cost saving in comparison to their current solution, Ozofresh is delighted that Darwin Escapes has instructed us to survey and install units at a number of their existing sites and to include these units in the design of their new leisure developments on the Darwin’s estate of holiday parks and lodge retreats.


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