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Safety first at luxury hotel chain brend

Brend Hotels is a family run group of 11 luxury hotels based across Devon and Cornwall. Whilst every hotel is individual, each delivers the same high levels of services to their clients, Mark Brace, Group Food Safety Manager, was already operating Ozofresh’s Catalyst ozone generating machines in two of the hotels. These were being used in the commercial kitchens to ensure high levels of food safety and in the bedrooms to remove odours that guests left behind. Ozone has long been known to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as destroying odours including cooking smells.

Enter the Pandemic!

The Brend hotels were closed to their guests for many weeks. As they emerged from the lockdown, a busy summer was looking likely. An obvious concern was that of ensuring a COVID free environment for guests and staff alike, especially given the demographic of Brend’s typical guests and the inevitably high turnover of people through the doors.

Mark bought 22 of newer ozone generator, the Eclipse Pro, after learning that there is scientific proof that ozone inactivates coronavirus. The machines produce enough ozone at the right concentration as an effective way of destroying the virus, in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. At the end of the cleaning session, a built in ozone destruct system removes any remaining ozone, making it perfectly safe for guests to return to the treated area immediately after use.

Used with existing hygiene protocols

By incorporating the use of ozone air care products into existing cleaning protocols, for example, running for 15 minutes at the end of every bedroom clean, Mark could be confident that everywhere from bedrooms to leisure areas to the restaurants was being sanitised and left safe as possible. As an added bonus, the ozone kept the luxurious soft furnishings used throughout the hotels smelling fresh and clean.

The results

Despite heavy use, Mark is very happy with the performance and effectiveness of the Eclipse Pro machines – and with the customer service delivered by Ozofresh in terms of delivery and after sales service. They also visited some of the hotels to undertake training to our staff and is always available for help and advice.”


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