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Create a 'new car' smell whatever the age of  your vehicle

An easy way to keep your car smelling fresh

There's nothing nicer than that new vehicle smell. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long. Before long you could be getting strange smells from food and drink spills, stray snacks left festering under the seats, smoke, pets or even a damp smell through the vents.  The common solution is to stick up a synthetic smelling pine freshener. This merely covers up the odour with a chemical fragrance that many people find irritating.

If you’ve tried all the usual ways of cleaning and still find the stink pervades throughout your car, ozone is the solution. Ozone totally eradicates the smells you find in your car, removing them permanently as long as the source of the smell does not return. Combine our ozone generators with our range of sanitisers and surface cleaners that will tackle the cleaning of your whole car and you'll soon bring it back to a fresh smelling 'new car' state. 

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Our PlugIn ozone generators come with a built-in timer that automatically limits the amount of ozone released, creating the perfect balance in your vehicle. Uniquely, ozone destroys odours in cars at the source – often before they are detected by our own sense of smell. So you’ll never be left wondering where an unwanted scent is coming from; it will be gone before you know about it.
The one XtraProtect formula can be used safely on your surfaces and on your hands. It’s the perfect sanitising solution for use in your car, to clean door handles and steering wheels. Unlike alcohol based sanitisers it can be safely left in the car without risk of fire if overheated, and is ideal for sanitising hands when returning to your vehicles after a shopping trip.
Large scale commercial cleaning required by leisure and entertainment environments often relies on potentially irritating and expensive chemicals. The ProCleanz system takes regular tap water and by the addition of salt and electricity, transforms it into electrolysed water, a powerful natural surface cleaner. Delivering high sanitising properties, it is both EN1276 and EN14476 accredited and proven to kill the coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.
Different surfaces in your care need different cleaners. Our range of specific surface cleaners allows you to effectively deal with hard surfaces, fabrics, leather, glass, greasy marks, and more.

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