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Give your guests a safe and sanitised welcome

Odour control and hygiene for hotels, holiday parks and guest houses

Hygiene is right up there on every manager's agenda in the hospitality sector.  All Ozofresh products will achieve:

- Fast, complete sanitisation of rooms allowing for shorter room reoccupation times.
- Continual and measured air cleansing in public areas and toilets.
- Removal of smoking and cooking odours in staff and kitchen areas.
- Safe removal of mites and bugs from mattresses, bedding and other areas such as head boards.

Uniquely, our machines will:

- Reduce costs without the need of engaging outside cleaning companies for deep clean problems.
- Improve your carbon footprint.
- Keep room hygiene standards high by using our machines on a room rotation basis.
- Remove any excess ozone to ensure rooms are safe to enter after the cleaning process is completed.

With consistency a key factor in retaining custom, using an ozone generator ensures you achieve the same, impressive results every time.

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