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The Aurabeat Vertical

The anti-viral, air quality solution - Laboratory tested as 99.99% effective against common viruses

£575.00 + VAT

Additional information

Dimensions 55 × 55 × 55 cm
Model No.



AC 220-240V





Net Weight


Max Noise level


Particulate CADR



AG+ Patented Silver Ion Filter

Filter Efficiency

>= 99.97% (HEPA H13)

Plasma Sterilization


UV Disinfection


Filter Life

2000 hours




PM2.5 Removal

Formaldehyde Removal


Toluene Removal


Preventing the spread of virus infections, bacteria, and pollution while improving air quality.

With its 5-in-1 filtration process, air quality indicator, and built-in silver ion anti-viral protection, the Aurabeat Vertical is a highly cost-effective, reliable, and non-chemical solution to your air quality problems.

The strong, yet unobtrusive, fan draws in harmful pollution and pathogens from the air and rapidly cleans them from your environment. Then, by utilising the plasma and ultraviolet options, Aurabeat will not only inhibit the spread of viruses in enclosed spaces, but it will also clean and refresh the air. In
fact, the Vertical is fully tested under independent laboratory conditions to eliminate 99.9% of all common viruses (including Covid-19 and Norovirus). The low-maintenance filtration system will also eliminate common fungal and bacterial threats as well as air pollution from traffic and other sources.

The Aurabeat Vertical is the best defence against dangerous and costly outbreaks of viruses in larger rooms, receptions, common areas, restaurants, and meeting rooms.


What is the difference between Ozone machines and Air Purifiers?
Although they may seem similar, they have very different purposes. Aurabeat air systems will clean the air and filter out pathogens such a viruses and pollution on an on-going basis. The room can be used normally. With the exception of the Ozofresh Plugin, most Ozone machines cannot be used in occupied rooms and are designed for a ‘shock treatment’ application to clear strong, lingering, odours completely and sterilise the air. Air purifiers are therefore more suitable for occupied rooms and their focus is ongoing pathogen control. Ozone machines are one off shock treatment devices and their man focus is destroying odours.
Does an Aurabeat really destroy viruses like Norovirus and Covid?
Yes, The filtration system will pull the virus into the filter where it is held and destroyed. Unlike some air purifiers the Aurabeat then hold the virus in place. With less developed filtration a bump is enough to shake the virus free and then it is sent back into the air. The Aurabeat hold firmly enough to prevent re-distribution in this way, which is why the portable can be safely used in a car, where some smaller purifiers simply spread the virus again with every vibration.
How does Aurabeat work?
The powerful fans draw air into the system where it passes through a series of filters. These work in slightly different ways depending on which module, but all of them will trap bacteria, viruses, pollution and spores to clean the air around you. This also has an odour clearing effect for milder smells.
How often should I clean or replace my filter?
Many months but the actual time varies model to model – please check your manual for details. All models are designed to last as long as possible between replacements and they will clean easily and quickly.
Are they really laboratory tested against viruses?
Yes. All machines have been tested and proven under strict conditions. More information is available on the site or by contacting us.

What is the biggest area you can cover with Aurabeat
This is asked a lot. It comes down to coverage, much the same way that heating or air conditioning does. The larger the space, the more machines you may need. Call us or email us with details and we will work out the best option for you.
Is Aurabeat dangerous to children or pets?
No! absolutely not. In fact, you could argue that the non-chemical way Aurabeat clears pathogens and improves air quality is actually better for us and our furry friends than other methods.

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