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PlugIn ozone generator

This unique environmentally air care product is small and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use in your home and work place to eliminate unpleasant smells with no masking. The Ozofresh Plugin can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, offices areas, reception areas, lounges and caravans.

£60.00 + VAT

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 10.5 × 7 cm


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Cyclic timer



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The Ozofresh Plug In is a small and lightweight air care device for permanently removing every day odours. It will save you money over those costly chemical air fresheners and oil refills which only MASK smells. It is environmentally friendly as well!

Just plug in at the wall socket, switch on, and let it run until the odour has gone, then switch off. If the odour persists or is leave it on.

If you have odours from pets, cigarette smoke, spicy food, paint, or any other kind of unwanted odour, then the Ozofresh Plug In will remove these in a short time.

There are many applications and areas where this great little product will work.

These are just a few applications where there will be great results in dealing with those unwanted smells:

  • Care home bedrooms, corridors and reception areas to remove urine odours.
  • Dedicated smoking areas.
  • Caravans that have musty smells from winter storage
  • General pet odours etc.
  • Removing fresh paint odours
  • Use in office areas, such as staff kitchens and meeting rooms to freshen the air.
  • Student accommodation.
  • Teenager bedrooms.
  • Doctors, dentists and vet's consultation rooms.
  • Serviced apartments and serviced offices.
  • Take it on holiday to remove odours in your hotel room.

The Ozofresh Plug In has a 12 month warranty and is made in the UK.

This unique environmentally air care product is the latest ozone technology at a price you can afford. Acting in the background, eradicating all bacterial odours and leaving bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and lounges smelling fresh without the use of chemicals

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What is in the ‘cell’ that wears out? Does it affect the ozone layer?
The ozone cell is stainless steel and is made for us in the UK. No, it has no effect on the ozone layer. Ozone is unstable, it does not store, reverts back into oxygen quickly.
Does the plugin tackle malodours, like under carpets, or just airborne odours?
The plug in will deal with mal odours, only airborne.  Its effectiveness depends on how long you run it for. Normally an hour or so in a 35 cubic metre room will break down odour molecules, removing the odour, longer, depending on the odour type, for example if the odour is being generated all the time such incontinence issues. 

Ozone will not get under carpets, the plug in is not strong enough to remove carpet odours, our bigger ozone models have some effect on carpets, depending on the type, thickness and backing material.
Please can you detail the running costs as in would a home who added one to every bedroom see an increase in energy bills? 
The plug in runs at half an amp, so based on 15p per Kw/Hr and 4 hrs per day it works out £0.48p per year to run each, so multiply this by the number of rooms. Running 24Hrs a day 356 days a year its only £2.52 each unit.
What kind of timer could we attach to the plugin?
Care homes have used smart timers, bought from Amazon, box of 4 for less than £12, less if you bulk buy, these can we linked to your phone to switch on and off when needed.
How close can you put this to a resident? 
The level of ozone is low enough to deal with odour, but will not harm humans. Ozone is unstable and reverts back to oxygen. The plug will be less effective is blocked by furniture as the ozone will absorb into coverings/fabrics, so we suggest the plug in needs to be kept a couple of feet away to allow the ozone to circulate the room.
What safety measures are in place to ensure it doesn’t cause harm?
As I have mentioned the plug in has an automatic cyclic timer, it works 4 minutes on and then dwells for a further 4 minutes, then 4 minutes on again. This keeps the ozone at below safe levels as in HSE guidelines.  The unit has an auto cut out as well, so if the timer chip fails, the unit stops working.

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