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Eclipse Pro Ozone Air Care Generator With Ozone Residue Destruct System

So which Eclipse Pro is best for your business?

The Eclipse Pro comes in three ozone output sizes to deal with every odour problem for all accommodation types, from small bedrooms to large holiday accommodation areas such as lodges, static caravans and eliminating odours caused by with small fires and floods. With its in built ozone destruct system, there is no need to vent the area after the ozone treatment.

This is a guide as to which Eclipse Pro machine is best for you:

Eclipse Pro 5g – this model is perfect for businesses such as B&B’s, nursing homes and holiday caravans for removing odours such as cigarettes, pets, stale food, mustiness. The areas size covered is up to 100 cubic metres.

Eclipse Pro 10g - this is our most popular model. This ozone machine works well in dementia care homes, larger popular hotel groups, large static caravans that have had odours left behind by guests when they check out. Such odours as urine, vomit, alcohol, stale food, mustiness, pets etc. With the extra ozone power, this model provides a “shock treatment” for odours that need to removed quickly. The area size covered is up to 150 cubic metres.

Eclipse Pro 16g – this model is for larger commercial use, ideal for businesses that work in fire and flood recovery, for treating odours in luxury suites in hotels, end of tenancy cleans for landlords. The area size covered is up to 200 cubic metres.

Please contact us for advice on which model will work for your odour problem.

£820.00£890.00 + VAT

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Ozone Output

5g – for smaller bedrooms, care homes, B&B’s, 10g - for hotels, larger accommodation areas, 16g - for larger commercial properties


5g - 150m3, 10g - 200m3, 16g - 300m3

Running Time

15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes

Timed Output



6 Presets



Ozone Destruct System


The Eclipse Pro has been designed with hi-performance, quick and efficient odour removal in mind. With its unique design feature of an automatic residual ozone destruct system in-built as standard, this machine is perfect for care homes, hotels, student accommodation and holiday lodges to name but a few.

Initially, the Eclipse Pro produces a specific amount of ozone dependent on the flexible cycle time that is chosen. The ozone will neutralise odours and pathogens in the air and on nearby surfaces by breaking down their molecular structure. The final stage of the treatment process is where the ozone destruct cycle gets to work in converting any residual ozone back into oxygen meaning that a room can be safely occupied again.

Your Eclipse Pro ensures that problematic odours are destroyed and not masked, which ultimately is all that scented air fresheners will do. An added benefit of the Eclipse Pro is that it does not use harmful chemicals and the ozone produced will freshen those difficult to reach areas within a facility.

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