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A breath of fresh air

You’re probably aware that artificial fragrances can irritate anyone with breathing conditions or sensitivity to chemicals. The problem is that many common air fresheners contain harmful ingredients such as benzene and formaldehyde. And whilst you can control what you use in your own home, such products are widely used in places we all visit – schools, hospitals, offices, shops. To make matters worse, the artificial fragrances used don’t even remove the smell, merely cover it up.

Using ozone as an air freshening solution may be the answer to the problem of chemical sensitivity. Ozone or O3 is a naturally occurring gas usually created by introducing an electrical charge to oxygen. This changes the gas, which consists of two oxygen atoms (hence O2 ) to ozone which has three oxygen atoms. And at that point, something quite remarkable happens - O3 bonds with airborne pathogens and odour particles.

However, ozone is naturally unstable. It soon destroys itself and reverts back into pure oxygen. During this process, it also destroys the particles it collected as ozone. How this could help people sensitive to artificial fragrance or strong cleaning chemicals is immediately clear. As the ozone returns to oxygen it destroys any chemicals it has attached to it. That means less likelihood of inhaling them and suffering an adverse reaction.

What are the benefits of ozone?

Ozone offers numerous benefits that can enhance your day-to-day life. One of the main functions of our products is to eliminate odours at the source, rather than simply mask them. Common examples of smells that our products can remove include:

• Strong cooking smells including fish
• Foot and shoe smells
• Pet odour
• Cigarette and smoke that can become ingrained into curtains and upholstery
• Paint fumes
• Spores that cause mould
• Bathroom odours

Many of our clients are corporates, as our products can save time and money, helping to run a more efficient business. Gyms can eliminate the common smell of sweat and body odour, and hotels can have a quicker turnaround time when cleaning rooms. Landlords can eradicate the off-putting scent of new paint whilst laundrettes can ensure every item smells extra fresh and help secure repeat customers. Our more powerful generators can even be used on farms! But we also have products for use in the home and dealing with everyday smells that we all have to contend with.

Can ozone kill viruses and bacteria?

Yes. Ozone is exceptionally good at tackling harmful bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, and stopping it dead. When an ozone molecule meets a bacterial cell, it starts to break it down by making a hole in the cell wall. This is what holds the cell together, and without it the bacteria will begin to fall apart. This happens countless times, ozone molecules coming into contact with the bacteria, making the same holes and rapidly eradicating the bacteria.
Ozone will also kill envelope viruses such as coronavirus, SARS and MERS in a similar way, by attacking the outside envelope of the virus so that it breaks down and is rendered harmless.

As a gas, ozone can filter through to any location it needs to get to. Bacteria and viruses favour breeding grounds that are warm, dark places and often very difficult to reach using traditional cleaning and treatment methods. With any microbial problem, if even a little is left alive, it will re-propagate very quickly and become as much of a problem as it was before. Ozone can reach those hidden places, and destroy the problem on a more permanent basis, by eradicating it completely.

Ozone can be used to continuously manage bacteria and virus levels in the background, whether in a public areas or in the home. Specially designed generators that produce constant, low-level ozone can be used to prevent bacteria from growing or spreading. It’s useful for areas like well-used hallways or corridors where many people need access. In these instances the rooms are not easily evacuated or sealed-off for the use of a heavy duty ozone generator. Instead background generators can often be mounted on the ceiling or a wall so that they can perform their function discretely and unobtrusively.

A range of solutions
From portable plugin air purifiers through to heavy duty ozone generators for commercial use, here at Ozofresh we have a range of solutions for keeping your home or business premises hygienically clean and fresh.

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