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Avoid the dangers of alcohol based sanitisers

There’s a reason why the Northern Irish department of health’s Adverse Incident Centre (NIAIC) has issued an alert about the use of alcohol based sanitisers. They state ‘the wide spread use of alcohol based hand sanitisers can increase the risk of fires and poisoning.’*.

There’s a particular risk around the use of any electrical equipment or oxygen. And it highlights the need for stringent controls around the storage and use of such sanitisers.

That’s quite a worry, particularly for organisations that need to store sanitiser in quantity. A non alcoholic sanitiser is a much safer, and often more effective, solution.

The XtraSanitiser is a non-alcohol based biodegradable solution, usable as a hand sanitiser and surface cleaner, that is completely safe yet scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus.

Not only does it address the serious safety issues raised by NIAIC but offers the following benefits:

• Safe to use on hands of all ages, with no drying or soreness
• Lab tested to kill MRSA, E-Coli, Norovirus and Coronavirus with EN 1276 and EN 14476 accreditations
• Has an ongoing residual protection on surfaces even when dry
• Can protect surfaces for up to 8 days

It’s the perfect solutions for all medical environments, care homes and businesses, and is comparable in cost to alcohol based products.

XtraProtect is just one in our range of specialist cleaners that give you outstanding results on every type of surface including leather, glass, stainless steel, greasy surfaces, limescaled fittings, food preparation areas and more.
*Alert Reference NIA-2020-02 issued 29th May 2020

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