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Deal with teenage odours quickly and naturally

A really effective solution for destroying the odours teenagers leave behind them

Do you walk into your teenager’s bedroom and feel you might be in danger of passing out from the smell? If you live or work with teens, you have probably encountered the delicate problem of rampant body odour. 

It’s a fact that teens just sweat more, in more places, because of an increase in hormones. But it’s the bacteria living on the skin and clothing that produce the awful stink.  Also new hormones are produced during puberty that cause teen sweat to contain chemicals that aren’t present in childhood. These chemicals produce stronger odours as they break down. Fortunately our products can help tackle the stink.

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Our PlugIn ozone generators come with a built-in timer that automatically limits the amount of ozone released, creating the perfect balance in your home. Uniquely, ozone destroys odours that teenagers can create at the source – often before they are detected by our own sense of smell. So you’ll never be left wondering where an unwanted scent is coming from; it will be gone before you know about it.
The one XtraProtect formula can be used safely on your surfaces and on your hands. It’s the perfect sanitising solution for use around the home, cleaning up dried on pizza, removing rings from drinks cans, and for sanitising your hands after cleanign your teenager's room.
Different surfaces in a teenager's bedroom need different cleaners. Our range of specific surface cleaners allows you to effectively deal with hard surfaces, fabrics, leather, greasy marks from week old pizza, outside surfaces and more.

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