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Procleanz Surface Cleaner

Procleanz takes regular tap water and processes it into a powerful surface cleaner with incredible sanitising properties.

The unit installs into a suitable cleaning cupboard or similar space and gives your cleaning team litres of sanitiser at the push of a trigger every day for years to come.

That means constant access to a low cost, natural and environmentally friendly solution that will keep your floors, push plates, tables, food dispensaries and anywhere you would normally use a surface sanitiser, clean and sanitised for less than £ 10 a day.

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Power Consumption


Water Supply

175 litres per hour

Additional Chemicals


Procleanz Surface Cleaner is:

POWERFUL  Under test conditions, Procleanz matched or exceeded the performance of regularly used surface cleaning products.  Door push plates and traditionally difficult areas such as toilet floors and flush levers were reduced to acceptable levels of cleanliness and often went beyond expectations.  Meets all appropriate industry standards for cleaning and sanitising.  Cleans and sanitises with no sticky residue and without the use of powerful smelling perfumes.

RELIABLE  Produces up to 450 litres of sanitiser per hour from readily available salt and tap water.  Expected life span of years of continual service with minimal maintenance and repairs.  Total production rated at over litres during the lifespan of the machine.  Fills buckets, sprays, scrubber dryer machines, carpet cleaners and anywhere you currently use a sanitiser.

NATURAL  Starts with water – returns to water. Any remaining cleaning fluid will return to a safe, saline solution.  No need for CoSHH or other chemical concerns so there is no potential damage to the environment or aquatic life. No harsh chemicals, no perfumes, no airborne irritants with the possibility to trigger respiratory complaints.  Kind to your team, your visitors, your customers and the environment.

COST-EFFECTIVE  Can be installed and working at a cost of less that £ 10 per day based on a standard lease contract. Significant savings in reduced cost of chemical-based sanitising and cleaning agents.  A range of purchase and lease options available allowing you to maximise your return on investment.  Quick installation and low running costs mean you will be seeing a reduction on your spend from month one. Procleanz has been tried and tested in Care Homes, Hotels, Manufacturing and many other environments and consistently produces outstanding financial and performance results.

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