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Get rid of household odours for good safely and naturally

We all know life at home can get smelly from time to time.  So you whip out the air freshener spray or plug in. Lavender and linen? More like toxins and allergens. 

The lightweight and portable Ozofresh PlugIn totally destroys odours  - completely, naturally and safely.   Not only cheaper than chemical alternatives, it is totally harmless and environmentally friendly. With none of the chemical ingredients such as benzene and formaldehyde found in common air fresheners, you can relax in the knowledge that you are not exposing your family to irritants. Combine the PlugIn with our range of different surface cleaners, all environmentally friendly, for cleaning and sanitising every type of surface in your home

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Dealing with persistent odours is a challenge for many home owners. Ozofresh offers simple and highly effective solutions to the problem. Harnessing the amazing properties of ozone, our products capture and destroy the particles that cause the odour. The result is an odour free home in a couple of hours.

Dealing swiftly with typical smells that come from cooking,pets, wet clothes, or people being in close environments, our light odour products can be safely used in occupied rooms.
Our one XtraProtect sanitiser formula can be used safely on your home surfaces and on your hands. It is therefore the perfect sanitiser to keep in your home for use on surfaces, touch points and for personal use. With no aggressive chemicals or alcohol, our sanitiser is safe to use, store, and transport, and does not dry or irritate the skin. More effective than alcohol based sanitisers, it instantly protects, whether hands are clean or dirty and so is ideal for the whole family.
Different surfaces in your home need different cleaners. Our range of specific surface cleaners allows you to effectively deal with hard surfaces, fabrics, leather, greasy kitchen appliances, outside surfaces and more.

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