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We love our pets but not their smells

Odour control for all your pets

Our pets are very special to us. They are all unique and part of the family. They’re fun, adorable,  selfless – and at times a bit smelly.

Whilst a  dog is a man’s best friend, the odours they pick up are not.  All animals tend to acquire smells that are unwanted within the home. The whiff of the grime your lovely Lab picks up in the park. The unmistakable ‘eau de rodent’ of mice, gerbils and hamsters.  The hint of a pong from the cat’s litter tray. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your home smelling fresh without hindering your pet or your family – the Ozofresh plug in ozone generator. This small, portable product can be used in multiple rooms around the home. Plug in the device and it gradually releases ozone, a naturally occurring element that cleans the air and eliminates odours with impressive speed and efficiency. Combine with our surface cleaners for keeping beds, cages and litter trays clean or removing muddy pawprints.

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Dealing with persistent odours is a challenge for many home owners. Ozofresh offers simple and highly effective solutions to the problem. Harnessing the amazing properties of ozone, our products capture and destroy the particles that cause the odour. The result is an odour free home in a couple of hours.

Dealing swiftly with typical smells that come from cooking,pets, wet clothes, or people being in close environments, our light odour products can be safely used in occupied rooms.
Our one XtraProtect sanitiser formula can be used safely on your home surfaces and on your hands. It is therefore the perfect sanitiser to keep in your home for use on surfaces, touch points and for personal use. With no aggressive chemicals or alcohol, our sanitiser is safe to use, store, and transport, and does not dry or irritate the skin. More effective than alcohol based sanitisers, it instantly protects, whether hands are clean or dirty and so is ideal for the whole family.
Different surfaces in your home need different cleaners. Our range of specific surface cleaners allows you to effectively deal with hard surfaces, fabrics, leather, greasy kitchen appliances, outside surfaces and more.

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