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Create a fresh and safe environment for elderly relatives

A really effective solution for destroying the odours created by the elderly

If you have elderly relatives living with you, you may notice increased odours in your home.  Older people smell differently to younger ones  because of a perfectly natural break down of chemicals in their bodies. Additionally there may be medical issues that cause increased problems with situations that create smells you'd rather not have lingering. The results in odours in soft furnishings around the home. Ozofresh products can help you discretely return the freshness to your home, whether dealing with a one off accident or background smells, without the need for chemical air fresheners that can irritate airways.

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Dealing with persistent odours can be a challenge when you care for an elderly relative. Ozofresh offers simple and highly effective solutions to the problem. Harnessing the amazing properties of ozone, our PlugIn product captures and destroys the particles that cause the odour. The result is an odour free room in a couple of hours. Dealing swiftly with typical smells such as vomit and urine, our light odour products can be safely used in occupied rooms and left to run day in, day out.
The one XtraProtect formula can be used safely on your surfaces and on your hands. It’s the perfect sanitising solution for use around the home and for protecting hands after cleaning up. The non alcholic formula is gentle and non-drying on mature skins.
Different surfaces need different cleaners. Our range of specific surface cleaners allows you to effectively deal with hard surfaces, fabrics, leather, greasy marks , outside surfaces and more.

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