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UV Air Disenfection

Prevent airborne transmission of coronavirus - using your existing ventilation systems

UVGI technology offers a coronavirus solution that can be retro fitted to your AC, ducted system or false ceiling

This range of infection control products ensures that the air you breath is free from viruses, including coronavirus, and bacteria.

They use innovative and energy efficient LED ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) bulbs that are fully tested by independent laboratories to kill
99.93% of common virus and bacteria microbes.
The bulbs are not only highly efficient, but long lasting and low cost, and do not require specialist fitting. It’s reassuring to know that they are proven to release UVC light in doses that equals or exceeds those scientifically proven to kill coronavirus.
The result is fresh, disinfected air automatically circulated via your existing air conditioning or duct system, or via a vent in your suspended ceiling. As an additional benefit, the system also neutralises odours, making it an ideal solution for environments including care homes, hospitals and surgeries, retail, restaurants or any areas where people gather inside.

Good to know:

• Kills >99.3% of viruses and bacteria
• Prevents airborne transmission
• Eco-friendly - non-toxic and energy efficient
• Neutralises odours
• Low cost and long lasting
• Products to fit all types of existing ventilation systems

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