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Stonebridge Nursing Home

Maintaining fresh air with the Ozofresh plug in

Stonebridge is a well rated, 40+ room, nursing home facility specialising in the care of dementia and mental illness. Their approach is people centred and the team are dedicated to constantly improving the well being of their residents. Stonebridge is an airy and clean environment but, as with every care facility of their kind, they occasionally have spot issues with urine smells due to incontinence and one room in particular had an issue with deep set odours. We supplied an Ozofresh Plug In on a trial basis and the team agreed to see how effective the device was at removing odours in a difficult environment. It was initially used in the problem room.

Within a few hours of being installed the smell of urine had noticeably reduced and the background odour seemed to be less prominent. The unit ran constantly to allow the machine to work at destroying the odour particles as well as draw them from soft furnishings and carpets. After 5 days of use the team reported that the urine odours had been reduced to an undetectable level. Even when a new source of odour occurred the unit continued to remove it quickly and destroy it entirely within a short space of time. The use of the Ozofresh Plug In meant that the team no longer needed to rely on the chemical masking agents that some people and heavy and irritating; the room was now fresh and pleasant for residents, their visitors and the care team.

The decision was made to extend the use of the Plug In to other areas of the facility where it is used to maintain a fresh, clean smelling, atmosphere throughout the home. Not only did the Plug In resolve an issue it proved so popular as a general air purifier that Stonebridge chose to install multiple devices, allowing them to improve the quality of the environment and reduce the reliance on potentially harmful chemical sprays. The Ozofresh Plug In proved itself to be an appropriate and natural alternative to traditional methods so effectively that it has now been utilised as part of the general cleaning and care practice around the home.

“The Ozofresh Plug In not only cleared the one difficult odour, it stopped it reoccurring. We have now invested in 60 Plug Ins which we use around the building, both in potential odour spots such as resident rooms and common rooms and in areas such as the kitchens and corridors to maintain a light, ‘fresh air’, atmosphere throughout. Undoubtedly the quality of the air is improved by the consistent use of the Ozofresh, it smells fresh and clean and we are considerably less reliant on heavy, chemical-based, sprays in favour of a more natural solution to specific odours and all round freshness.” Fran Edmunds – Care Home Owner.


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