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Harbour Healthcare

Ozone used to effectively kill coronavirus

Harbour Healthcare is a group of family run care homes that specialise in residential, nursing and dementia care across the UK.

Like many in the sector, the threat from COVID-19 has caused real concerns for the management team, who early on, actively sought out solutions to prevent the spread of infection.

The power of ozone

CEO Ashley Worsley explains: “We were aware of the fantastic odour destroying properties of ozone and had been using generators to keep the environments in our care homes fresh and pleasant. But when we learned that ozone had been scientifically proven to kill coronavirus when used in the right concentration, we felt we had a real solution available to us.”

Ashley ordered two Ozofresh Eclipse Plus ozone generators for each of the 17 care homes in the group. These heavy duty yet portable machines are proven to kill coronavirus in less than 60 minutes. Crucially they kill the virus on both hard and soft surfaces, as well as in the air, working on areas such as bedding, curtains and carpets that surface sanitisers alone cannot reach.

Used without disruption

The generators are used mainly for deep cleaning of bedrooms, where the built in ozone destruct system removes any remaining ozone at the end of the treatment, meaning residents can safely return to their rooms immediately after use. The quick turnaround of the system makes it easy for the homes to fit the deep cleans around the residents’ regular routines, preventing unnecessary disruption.

Being portable, the Eclipse Pros are easily moved into the homes’ visitor rooms and pods between each family member visit, ensuring that the environment is safe for residents and visitors alike.

Clearly the units have had heavy use in the current circumstances. Despite this, Ashley comments: “I am delighted with the way the machines have operated and the service I have received from Ozofresh. The use of the Eclipse Pro units has been central to minimising the spread of infection within our care homes.”

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