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Ozone generators and the ozone layer

The ozone formed in the ozone layer and ozone formed in one of our ozone generators is exactly the same gas. Ours is just generated locally and has a shorter lifespan.


Ozone produced by our ozone generators remains at or around ground level for two reasons. Firstly, ozone itself has a half life of about 7 minutes under normal indoor circumstances at room temperature. Ozone in the atmosphere has a half life of about 30mins.

As ozone is also heavier than air it would take a long time to reach any great height. It is extremely unstable, and will react with an airborne pollutant and subsequently be destroyed long before it gets to the atmosphere.

How ozone is produced

The ozone in the ozone layer is produced by ultra violet light. While many ozone generators at ground level do produce ozone this way, ours produce ozone via corona discharge – see ‘Different methods of ozone production.’


Ozone in the ozone layer is in a state of perpetual balance between creation and destruction. This is vital in keeping the ozone layer’s concentration, coverage and rate of production consistent.

Our ozone generators are designed to produce a certain amount of ozone over a specific amount of time. This ensures that whatever the ozone generator’s use the correct levels of ozone are maintained at all times. For details on ozone generators that allow you to be in the same room while in operation please ask.

As mentiond above ozone produced under normal indoor circumstances has a half life of about 7 minutes, while ozone in the ozone layer it’s abouts 30 minutes, mainly due to temperature, as ozone lasts longer in lower temperatures.

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