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Experts confirm that ozone inactivates COVID-19

Social media is awash with false claims about killing the virus causing COVID-19. We prefer to put our trust in science. Which is why we were so pleased to read the news announced from the Nara Medical University in Japan.

It’s a longish and somewhat technical read, but you can see the full details here or call us for a copy of their report. For those who just want the highlights there’s really one key thing to report, the experts confirm that ozone inactivates COVID-19.

The benefits of ozone in cleaning and sterilising have been known for years. Numerous care homes, hotels, holiday parks and more rely on ozone products daily to ensure the health of their guests and

But Nara’s research team is the first in the world to confirm that the corona virus causing the pandemic is totally inactivated, when exposed to ozone at the correct concentration and for the right amount of time.

This is fantastic news for the teams of workers who labour, day in day out, to keep vital environments and associated equipment clean and safe. It’s time consuming, exhausting work, and there’s no early end in sight. So the confirmation that the relationship between ozone concentration and exposure time, and ozone inactivation has been certified is going to change things for the better.

We know that the bactericidal power of 7 times that of chlorine and has been considered “particularly effective” for the control of infectious diseases. It’s the reason why many medical institutions have introduced ozone generators for the purpose of preventing the spread of infection.

During 2020 their use grew in other areas such as in ambulances, hospitals, hotels and care homes.

Indeed, ozone has gained widespread use as an effective sterilisation method, comparable to manual alcohol cleaning.

The experiment process is explained in the report (available upon request). The efficacy has been proven both in the laboratory and in real world scenarios, and is equally effective on surfaces and in the air.

Here at Ozofresh, we know that ozone kills anything airborne, whether it is odour molecules, mould spores, bacteria or viruses.

The science has shown this for years and it’s why our ozone air care systems are used in many industry sectors where safety is crucial, such as healthcare and hospitality, to successfully control both odour and infection.

The Nara Medical University report explains why the use of ozone generators has been successful in inactivating coronavirus and means that we can help in the fight against COVID-19.

Our Eclipse Pro range of ozone generators produce the levels of ozone required to be effective as identified in the research, plus this product has an automatic ozone destruct system that removes any residue ozone at the end of the treatment.

Please call and discuss our range of solutions to help you in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in your care home or hotel.

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