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Do I need to buy any refills?

You do not need to buy any costly refills for any of our ozone generators. The only replaceable part in them is the filter which prevents dust from making its way into the generator itself and reducing its life. The filter is replaceable only in certain ozone generators and costs very little. It lasts months, depending on usage.

In order to maintain a constant level of clean air, it is important to run an ozone generator on a regular basis. Simply implement it into your existing cleaning procedures to cause as little disturbance to your day as possible.

Air fresheners are used to temporarily mask the odours of everyday life. They don’t remove the smell, merely cover it up.They also need refills, costing money every time they run out.

Their artificial fragrances can irritate anyone with breathing conditions. And worse, standard air fresheners commonly contain harmful ingredients such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Ozone generators remove the source of the odour itself ensuring the odour does not return unless the source is re-introduced. There are no refills to be bought as the ozone generator does not have anything to run out of. Instead the ozone is created by our products at the push of a button. Ozone also kills bacteria and envelope viruses, something no air freshener can do.

Ozone generators are also environmentally friendly, releasing no nasty chemicals into the air during operation or at the time of disposal. As there are no refills, there is no ongoing packaging to dispose of.

The noise you may notice is the fan(s), the only moving parts in an ozone generator. Their job is to suck oxygen in to create the ozone, and to help propel the ozone as high as possible. Because ozone is heavier than air, it needs to reach a decent height in order for it to be effective at removing pollutants in the air.

We have tested several ozone generators from China, for example, and have found that they produce much higher levels of ozone and for much longer time periods. This means that they do not conform to the guidelines set out by the Health & Safety Executive here in the UK and would be considered dangerous to health.

Most of the ozone generators we bought and tested came with no instructions or a very poorly translated and hard to understand manual.

These products are created specifically for cheap export and whilst they might follow certain factory guidelines, the ozone generators are created in such big volumes that very few will have been tested. Any requirements imposed in other countries for the manufacture of ozone products may not be the same in the UK or exist at all.

You can expect a far shorter product life from these cheap ozone generators, as they will be made from low grade materials.

Used correctly ozone is entirely safe. But please make sure you do not risk your health by using cheap unregulated equipment.

The most effective way for cleaning purposes is using the corona discharge method. Oxygen is passed through an electrical field. This process is the catalyst for a chemical reaction, dismantling the oxygen atoms and creating ozone, a substance that attracts the particles in the air that cause odours, including bacteria and viruses. It mimics the way ozone is produced naturally during, for example, an electrical storm.

Ozone can also be produced using UV light. Contrary to popular belief, the sun actually maintains the ozone layer around the Earth. The same harmful UV light that ozone protects us from is part of the process that creates more ozone. UV ozone generators use a UV lamp that acts in the same way as the sun does. However, this process requires much more electricity to produce ozone than the Corona Discharge method and has other disadvantages.

By using the corona discharge method, we can produce small, long lived products that last for years and produce ozone of exception quality without any harmful by-products.

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