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What are the benefits of ozone?

Ozone offers numerous benefits that can enhance your day-to-day life. One of the main functions of our products is to eliminate odours at the source, rather than simply mask them.. Common examples of smells that our products can remove include:

  • Strong cooking smells including fish
  • Foot and shoe smells
  • Pet odour
  • Cigarette and smoke that can become ingrained into curtains and upholstery
  • Paint fumes
  • Spores that cause mould
  • Bathroom odours

There are multiple circumstances in which an ozone generator is invaluable.

Many of our clients are corporates, as our products can save time and money, helping to run a more efficient business. Gyms can eliminate the common smell of sweat and body odour, and hotels can have a quicker turnaround time when cleaning rooms. Landlords can eradicate the off-putting scent of new paint whilst laundrettes can ensure every item smells extra fresh and help secure repeat customers. Our more powerful generators can even be used on farms!

The appeal of our products is not limited to the impressive results they achieve. Whilst air fresheners may seem the cheaper option, over time the cost will amount to much more than the price of a one-time payment for an Ozofresh machine. With a wide range available, you can choose the generator that suits you, from a portable plug in to a much larger, more powerful machine for bigger rooms and businesses. They also help improve the environment, so companies can improve their carbon footprint.

Ozone removes one of the real challenges of manual cleaning, that of odour control. It quickly and efficiently spreads throughout any venue and eliminates the source of the smell with ease. It can also fend off odours that you may not have detected yet, staying one step ahead of the problem. Additionally, ozone kills bacteria and envelope viruses, leaving environments hygienically clean.

The ozone formed in the ozone layer and ozone formed in one of our ozone generators is exactly the same gas. Ours is just generated locally and has a shorter lifespan.


Ozone produced by our ozone generators remains at or around ground level for two reasons. Firstly, ozone itself has a half life of about 7 minutes under normal indoor circumstances at room temperature. Ozone in the atmosphere has a half life of about 30mins.

As ozone is also heavier than air it would take a long time to reach any great height. It is extremely unstable, and will react with an airborne pollutant and subsequently be destroyed long before it gets to the atmosphere.

How ozone is produced

The ozone in the ozone layer is produced by ultra violet light. While many ozone generators at ground level do produce ozone this way, ours produce ozone via corona discharge – see ‘Different methods of ozone production.’


Ozone in the ozone layer is in a state of perpetual balance between creation and destruction. This is vital in keeping the ozone layer’s concentration, coverage and rate of production consistent.

Our ozone generators are designed to produce a certain amount of ozone over a specific amount of time. This ensures that whatever the ozone generator’s use the correct levels of ozone are maintained at all times. For details on ozone generators that allow you to be in the same room while in operation please ask.

As mentiond above ozone produced under normal indoor circumstances has a half life of about 7 minutes, while ozone in the ozone layer it’s abouts 30 minutes, mainly due to temperature, as ozone lasts longer in lower temperatures.

Ozone was officially discovered around 1839, however in 1785 ozone was first noticed when a scientist called Van Marum carried out experiments into electrolysis. The air surrounding his experiment took on a ‘strange odour’. What he noticed is the fresh smell of ozone, similar to how the air smells after a thunderstorm.

Ozone's unique ability lies not only in its extraordinary strong sterilizing power but also in the way it is structured as a gas. These two facts, together with it being easy to create, fast acting, environmentally friendly and simple to remove make it incredibly versatile in how we can use it to santitise our environment.

It not only eliminates airborne bacteria, viruses and other pollutants but also penetrates deep into fabrics such as carpets, curtains, and furniture, killing off ingrained bacteria and other surface living bacteria without affecting the surroundings.

Yes. Currently there are no known odours that ozone won’t help to dissipate. If you come across an odour that is proving particularly difficult to remove, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Ozone, or O3, has three atoms, whilst oxygen, or O2,consists of two. Ozone is invisible, although when concentrated enough it takes on a blue tinge.

It is produced in several ways. Thunderstorms produce electricity which travels through the air and hits oxygen molecules at an incredibly fast pace. This collision results in ozone being formed.

Nitrogen oxide is also created in thunderstorms, and the combination of elements within the storm, when combined with sunlight, also results in the production of O3.

It can also be man-made - see ‘Different methods of ozone production’

How Ozone Works

Ozone kills bacteria quickly and efficiently. It attacks bacteria and envelope viruses and is able to break them down into essential elements such as oxygen, water and carbon dioxide. It destroys E. coli at over 3,000 times the speed of chlorine, making it the preferable choice for sanitising water, and it is commonly used in washing machines and Jacuzzis.

Ozone oxidises the cellular membrane in a process known as cell lysing. This creates multiple tiny holes in the bacterial wall that cause it to lose its shape and inevitably die. This process is similar to the natural methods our bodies use to attack bacteria, except the effectiveness is much greater in a much shorter amount of time. It works across all kinds of bacteria and envelope viruses which is what makes our products ideal for cleaning.


Ozone plays a prominent role in food production, removing harmful bacteria from soil for agricultural purposes. It also helps maintain food later on in its production, preserving meat and reducing the risk of food poisoning in meat packaging.

We are now able to create this useful substance ourselves with the development of ozone generators. This in turn means we can clean the air around us quickly and efficiently – so quickly, in fact, that it can eliminate sources of odours before humans even detect them.

Norovirus is a highly contagious viral infection

Norovirus is prevalent in busy and warm environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

It leaves the sufferer feeling extremely unwell for 24-60 hours with projectile vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches, stomach cramps, fever and muscle pain.

Norovirus is spread by ingesting the viral particles which are present in the sufferers’ faeces and vomit. It is passed on through poor hygiene or being close to someone with the virus who is being sick. You only need to ingest 10-100 of the 30 million viral particles that are contained in one bout of vomiting to catch the infection.

Viral particles that have become airborne will attach to clothing or surfaces. Poor hand hygiene will mean that everything touched will become contaminated.

Norovirus is contagious long before and after symptoms are present in the sufferer, increasing the possibility of it spreading. If sufficient hygiene procedures are not followed, the virus will spread to others through direct contact or touching contaminated surfaces. After the symptoms have gone, the sufferer is still contagious for at least another 24 hours.

Ozone is effective at killing norovirus.

Yes, entirely safe when used correctly and in line with our operating instructions. Ozofresh generators are designed and built to specifically avoid any health risks that might be present in other machines.

Our Plug In and Aura products produce ozone at levels that are perfectly safe for constant use, whilst rooms are occupied by people, pets and plants, and have no negative side effects .

The heavy duty Eclipse range produce ozone at much higher levels, that could be harmful if used in occupied rooms. When using the Eclipse 4000 the room must first be vacated by people and animals and must be vented before it is used again, whilst the Eclipe Pro comes with our built in ozone destruct technology to automatically remove excess ozone from the air. This way, the product does the job it was designed for, and leaves a perfectly safe breathing environment to return to.

All of our generators both meet and exceed the current Health & Safety Executive Guidelines, which can be found in the official EH38 document available here. When used correctly they become invaluable in cleaning our homes and workplaces, resulting in a healthier environment for everyone.

There are various outdated and misinformed articles on the internet so please contact us if you would like any further information about the safe use of our ozone generators.

Social media is awash with false claims about killing the virus causing COVID-19. We prefer to put our trust in science. Which is why we were so pleased to read the news announced from the Nara Medical University in Japan.

It’s a longish and somewhat technical read, but you can see the full details here or call us for a copy of their report. For those who just want the highlights there’s really one key thing to report, the experts confirm that ozone inactivates COVID-19.

The benefits of ozone in cleaning and sterilising have been known for years. Numerous care homes, hotels, holiday parks and more rely on ozone products daily to ensure the health of their guests and

But Nara’s research team is the first in the world to confirm that the corona virus causing the pandemic is totally inactivated, when exposed to ozone at the correct concentration and for the right amount of time.

This is fantastic news for the teams of workers who labour, day in day out, to keep vital environments and associated equipment clean and safe. It’s time consuming, exhausting work, and there’s no early end in sight. So the confirmation that the relationship between ozone concentration and exposure time, and ozone inactivation has been certified is going to change things for the better.

We know that the bactericidal power of 7 times that of chlorine and has been considered “particularly effective” for the control of infectious diseases. It’s the reason why many medical institutions have introduced ozone generators for the purpose of preventing the spread of infection.

During 2020 their use grew in other areas such as in ambulances, hospitals, hotels and care homes.

Indeed, ozone has gained widespread use as an effective sterilisation method, comparable to manual alcohol cleaning.

The experiment process is explained in the report (available upon request). The efficacy has been proven both in the laboratory and in real world scenarios, and is equally effective on surfaces and in the air.

Here at Ozofresh, we know that ozone kills anything airborne, whether it is odour molecules, mould spores, bacteria or viruses.

The science has shown this for years and it’s why our ozone air care systems are used in many industry sectors where safety is crucial, such as healthcare and hospitality, to successfully control both odour and infection.

The Nara Medical University report explains why the use of ozone generators has been successful in inactivating coronavirus and means that we can help in the fight against COVID-19.

Our Eclipse Pro range of ozone generators produce the levels of ozone required to be effective as identified in the research, plus this product has an automatic ozone destruct system that removes any residue ozone at the end of the treatment.

Please call and discuss our range of solutions to help you in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in your care home or hotel.

Call us to discuss further on +44(0)844 248 0107 or email kevin@www.ozofresh.co.uk

Yes. Ozone is exceptionally good at tackling harmful bacteria and stopping it dead. Because of ozone’s highly reactive properties, it reacts with the bacteria and destroys it. When an ozone molecule meets a bacterial cell, it starts to break it down by making a hole in the bacterium’s cell wall. This is what holds the cell together, and without it the bacteria will begin to fall apart. This will happen countless times, ozone molecules coming into contact with the bacteria, making the same holes and rapidly eradicating the bacteria.

Ozone will also kill envelope viruses such as SARS and MERS in a similar way, by attacking the outside envelope of the virus so that it breaks down and is rendered harmless.

As a gas, ozone can filter through to any location it needs to get to. Bacteria’s and viruses’ favourite breeding grounds are warm, dark places that are often very difficult to reach using traditional cleaning and treatment methods. Without ozone, you’re only managing the problem rather than tackling it at source, costing you time and money in the long-term.

Ozone can reach those hidden places, and destroy the problem on a more permanent basis, by eradicating it completely.. With any microbial problem, if even a little is left alive, it will re-propagate very quickly and become as much of a problem as it was before.

Ozone can be used to continuously manage bacteria and virus levels in the background, whether in a public area or in the home. Specially designed generators that produce constant, low-level ozone can be used to prevent bacteria from growing or spreading. It’s useful for areas like well-used hallways or corridors where many people need access. In these instances the rooms are not easily evacuated or sealed-off for the use of a heavy duty ozone generator. Instead background generators can often be mounted on the ceiling or a wall so that they can perform their function discretely and unobtrusively.

In water, as ozone breaks down it forms hydrogen peroxy and hydroxyl, which act in tandem as a powerful disinfectant, killing bacteria and viruses in the same way it does in the air—by breaking down cell walls and obliterating them so that the ‘innards’ of the cell leak away into nothing.

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