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Camellia Healthcare

Three prong approach puts safety first at Camellia Healthcare

Camellia Healthcare operates three successful nursing homes along the south coast of England. With the pandemic causing havoc to the industry and massively impacting on the safety of residents, owner Karim Rajan was determined to make his homes as safe as possible by introducing robust infection control measures.

Putting faith in science

Scientific research proves that the coronavirus causing the pandemic is totally inactivated, when exposed to ozone at the correct concentration and for the right amount of time. This convinced Karim to turn to proven solutions from Ozofresh to help him, harnessing the virus killing properties of ozone in several ways.

Safe and effective

Karim has zoned his homes into areas for residents and visitors. Two Eclipse Pro units have been installed in each home, one for each zone. These heavy duty yet portable ozone production machines can kill coronavirus on all surfaces, and in the air, in 30 to 60 minutes.

All common areas are treated every 3 days whilst the residents are away having their meals. (Daily when infection rates are high) Because the Eclipse Pro features a built in ozone destruct system that removes any remaining ozone at the end of the treatment, it’s perfectly safe for residents return to the treated area immediately after use. Each bedroom is also treated every 3 days, and the units are used every night in other areas such as kitchens and sluice rooms.

Karim is also careful to ensure deliveries, gifts for residents, additional clothing brought in by families - infact, anything entering his homes - are treated before being released. Using the Eclipse Pro in a dedicated room to decontaminate such items ensures that the virus is not inadvertently brought in from the outside. In some cases, Xtra Protect using an atomiser gun is used if immediate sanitising is required.

Finally, when new residents arrive at the homes, or when hospitalised residents return, the unit is used as part of a deep clean regime on their room.

Easy to use back up

The Eclipse Pro is supported around the buildings by 80 Plug In ozone generators, which can be left plugged in and emitting safe levels of ozone whilst residents are present. The Plug Ins are used in every bedroom, and in public areas, working away in the background on a smart plug, so that they can be programmed to come on when needed. They are typically used for most of the day.

Because ozone is also highly effective at totally destroying odours, these unobtrusive units are ideal to freshen the environment, for example, after residents have received personal care, such as changing of incontinence pads.

Belt and braces

The final tool in Karim’s armoury is XtraProtect, an all-in-one sanitising solution that is British Laboratory tested on both hands and surfaces to kill coronavirus. Because it contains no alcohol or other chemicals, it is easy and safe to use, store and transport. Used in atomiser units, XtraProtect becomes a fine mist that can be used on hard surfaces and soft furnishings to immediately kill the virus, and leave an invisible, non-sticky residue that continues to protect for several days. This is particularly useful for bed-bound residents, where the Eclipse Pro cannot be put to use.

XtraProtect can also be used in spray guns for daily cleaning, and even on hands as a non-alcohol based sanitiser that is kind to fragile skin.

And the results?

Karim is very happy with the solutions provided by Ozofresh – in fact since introducing the ozone regime there have happily been no cases in his homes. He says: “The pandemic has been heart-breaking in its impact on care homes. I know that by combining these three products into my cleaning protocols, I am doing the absolute maximum to keep residents, staff and visitors safe.”


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