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Bovey Castle Hotel, Dartmoor

Flagship hotel uses ozone to ensure guest safety

A beautiful hotel, complete with golf course, the Bovey Castle estate also has 22 three-storey self-catering country lodges within its grounds. Despite its luxury, the hotel welcomes guests with both two and four legs, as visitors are welcome to bring their dogs along when they stay.

Like all hotels, Bovey Castle was closed during the first lockdown, from March through to June. Claire Randall is the General Manager, and
on reopening in mid-July, she was understandably concerned about creating a safe environment for guests and hotel staff.

Additionally, after so many weeks without use, there was an issue with damp and mould in some areas.

The virus killing properties of ozone

She turned to Ozofresh’s Eclipse Pro ozone generators for the answer to both problems. When ozone is emitted in the correct concentration for the right amount of time, it is scientifically proven to kill coronavirus, along with all other viruses and bacteria.

Crucially, it kills not just the airborne particles, but any virus that is present on hard surfaces such as touch points, and on soft furnishings such as carpets. As an added bonus, ozone totally destroys odours, leaving areas fresh and pleasant.

Incorporated into existing cleaning processes

Claire bought 6 machines, 3 for the main hotel and 3 for the lodges. Although heavy duty ozone generators, the units are portable and easy to move around to different areas as necessary. By introducing a 15 minute use before the housekeeping teams go in, and a further 15 minute use after the room has been cleaned, Claire can be sure that the bedrooms are sanitised, safe and have no lingering odours. She also makes use of the Eclipse Pros in the public areas and restaurants, with all areas being treated daily.

The results

“We’ve been really pleased with the Eclipse Pros, and with the support given by Kevin Bullman of Ozofresh” says Claire. “He spent a full day with us, explaining how ozone works and training our staff on the use of the units.”

On Claire’s recommendation, four further hotels in the group - Mallory Court in Leamington Spa, Brockencote Hall in Kidderminster, Greenaway Hotel in Cheltenham and the Arden Hotel in Stratford upon Avon – have now invested in Eclipse Pros.

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