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Xtra Protect Surface Wipes

XtraProtect Multi Surface Biodegradable Wipes have been British lab tested to kill and protect against >99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including Coronavirus. XtraProtect forms an antimicrobial coating, which continues to protect even when dry.

XtraProtect Biodegradable Wipes are all made from 100% natural materials and are Biodegradable in landfills, provided the landfill creates the correct conditions forĀ  breakdown of organic material.

  • Quick and safe to use
  • Non-alcohol base resulting in it being less harsh on your skin and non-flammable
  • Proven to killĀ 99.99% of Bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses)
  • Ongoing action even when dry
  • No aggressive chemicals and non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Laboratory tested to BS EN 1276/14476/1650/EN 1500/ISO 18184
  • Suitable for use on all hard surfaces
  • Biodegradable

£22.99 + VAT

XtraProtect wipes are made from 100% natural materials and unlike compostable products which require specific
conditions to break down, XtraProtect Biodegradable Wipes break down through natural biological processes.

Our XtraProtect biodegradable wipes are made from 100% Viscose. The materials break down almost completely in landfill leaving no more than 5% of the original mass remaining.

If the gas was captured (as it is in some landfills), then one dry tonne of said materials would produce about 2MWHrs of sustainable electricity. This means you can be sure you are doing your bit for our planet whilst keeping you and your loved ones safe by sanitising.

XtraProtect wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. In fact no wipes should be flushed down the toilet, even if they are biodegradable, as they may not have enough time to break down and often end up interfering with sewerage pipes, causing blockages.


Where can this product be predominantly used?
Vehicle Cleaner/outdoor cleaner.
Where should you not use this product?
Stainless Steel and marble.
Why is this product different from others on the market?
XtraWash is fast acting, skin safe and reduces the need for pressure washers.
Why is this product eco-friendly?
This product is biodegradable .
What is the packaging made from?
Post-Consumer Plastics.
What size containers can this product be purchased in?
This product is available in either 750ml spray bottle or 5 Litre refill.
What harmful ingredients are used in this product?
As with all liquids, prolonged contact with the skin can cause dry/irritated skin.

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